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United Management Bureau

United Management Bureau (UMB) is a leading management solutions institute established in 1997 with the objective of offering management systems auditing, registrations, and training in the Middle East and Africa.

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The following Frequently Asked Questions address many of the typical queries concerning UMB, its Services and ISO-related topics.

What does the term "ISO" stand for?
The term ISO stands for the International Organization for Standardization. You would reasonably assume that it ought to be IOS, but it isn't. Apparently, the term ISO was chosen (instead of IOS), because iso in Greek means equal, and ISO wanted to convey the idea of equality - the idea that they develop standards to place organizations on an equal footing.

Who is ISO?
ISO is the organization that issue, publish and develop international standards for different purposes. However ISO organization does not audit organizations to ISO standards. For more information check the ISO website: www.iso.org

How many companies are certified to ISO?
Per International Organization for Standardization survey, by the end of 2008 there were some 1,052,734 registered companies to the standards worldwide.

How long it takes to get my organization certified to a management system standard?
The duration of getting certified to a management system standard depend on the size and complexity of your organization.

When my certificate will expire?
in General the certificate is valid for the 3-years certification cycle , provided that the company successfully passes surveillance audits during this 3 years.

Can I be certified to more than one standard at the same time?
Yes, the company can get the benefit from integration of 2 or more management standard, for example; company can implement and get certification to ISO 9001, 14001 and OSHAS 18001

How can I use my certification logo?

You can put the above certification logo on the following:

Press Releases
Business Cards
Collateral Materials
Web Sites
Tradeshow Booths
Advertising Catalogues
Flags and Banners
Video/Slide Presentations
Vehicle Sides

Can I use my certification logo on the product?
THE CERTIFICATION LOGO MUST NOT BE USED ON PRODUCT, u can use it on the secondary package of the product, for example: on the box of water bottles.

How can I become a Quality Management system certified auditor?
To become a Quality Management system auditor you need to have the following requirements:

At least secondary education
Work Experience
Five years, or 4 years with a degree or near degree
Two years of quality work experience
Auditor Training
An IRCA certified ISO 9001:2008 Auditor/Lead Auditor course or accepted alternative
Auditing Experience
Obtain the minimum number of days required by the body certification that he/she wishes to work with.

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